About TRAVEL WAsh pocketsized washing machines

After recently returning from a backpacking and trecking trip through Europe, there were a number of things that surprised me when it came to washing my clothes;


  • It was difficult to find something that was quick, cheap and hygenic to wash a few socks, jocks and tee shirts.
  • Often I was travelling alone in the mountains and really needed a simple, lightweight way to wash my clothes.
  • Not many hostels/hotels offer laundry facilities.
  • How do I find local laundry facilities?
  • Often it’s a two day turnaround for laundry facilities.
  • On average I was paying 4 - 6 Euro for every Kilo of washing. I spent 5 weeks in Europe and spent a total of $45 Euro = Approx 60 AUS dollars.
  • A lot of bathroom basins and showers were un-hygenic to wash in.
  • Do I trust others with all my expensive clothes?
  • How would I know if the laundry service people have returned everything?
  • What if I was travelling for long periods of time in more remote parts of the world, is there an easier way to wash my clothes?



I wanted to provide a simple, cheap, convenient solution for others to wash and dry their clothes anywhere, anytime when travelling, camping or simply don’t have access to a washing machines. Travel Wash Bag provides a simple, lightweight, affordable pocketsized washing machine.